Color Finishing

Color Finishing

Alakasa’s Anodizing line offers clear Anodize and color Anodize finishes of the highest standard. With its optimum level of hardness the film is less subject to crack and craze caused by thermal expansion and contraction.

Clear Anodize

10 Microns

For interior application that is less subject to environmental exposure and when cleaning is less frequent yet resistance to wear and abrasion is important.

18 Microns

For exposed architectural application that superior abrasion resistance is required and only occassional  cleaning is feasible.

22 Microns

For prestigeous application particularlly in the industrial environment, where cleaning is rare and long term resistance to abrasion is essential. High gloss finish is a  development of the anodize and analok processes by means of metal finish technology in the manufacturing process.

Color Anodize

Alakasa Aluminium extrusion can be treated in durable inorganic colors to yield a finish that is permanent, lightfast, abrasion and corrosion resistance and unchanging in color intensity.

Powder Coating

Our powder coating line provides a variety of color choices and film thicknesses that meets BSI, SII, JIS and other international standards.


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